Sean Dietrich

The Scoop on Us

The Really Short Version...


Dave & Tammy

Dave and Tammy's Story

We met online, having no idea what was ahead. As our relationship grew over a long time, we finally arranged for time together in person. She spent virtually all of her money to come to America and I did the same to get back to her... This time to bring here home! [more]

The Day Arrives!

The bells ring out... Or, actually, the CD player plays (hehe)... We both wish all of you could have come! Click here to see photos and videos from the big event! [more]

Smile Politely

Helping Us Make It Happen!

If our story moves you to share some love, check out our "virtual money tree" (or even buy one of my custom made t-shirts), to help me bring Tammy home. THANK YOU everyone from the bottom of my heart! [Go Here!]